Hardware as a Service

The security of a modern and functional computer system for a reasonable monthly rate.


When you join our Hardware as a Service (HAAS) program, you prevent costly bulk expenses, but still have the technology you need, including service and support that will keep your system modern and functional.


The economy can be tough on working capital, but modern technology is required to maintain functionality. The vast majority of successful companies require computers, printers, software, servers, and a vast array of accessories. Hardware as a Service can accomplish all of your technology and support needs at a greatly reduced cost.


Benefits of Hardware as a Service:

  • Reduced capital expense
  • Regularly updated and patched software
  • Free installation and configuration of new systems
  • Timely and free replacement of any broken hardware
  • Complete virus protection
  • Simple, convenient billing
  • Unlimited support

When you join Hardware as a Service, you're billed at a fixed monthly rate and can feel secure that your system is modern and functional.