We Develop Reliable Backup Disaster Recovery Plans

DTCI helps small businesses develop a Backup Disaster Recovery plan that meets your growing demands, secures your technology, minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. If you are backing up your data, we’d like to commend you on taking proactive action to preserve your technology. This is a great first step, but keep in mind that it’s only one tool from a whole toolbox. At DTCI, we work with businesses like yours to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan so that your company is utilizing all the tools available in a way that will afford peace of mind in knowing that you are receiving disaster protection and recovery techniques that make sense for your business.


Planning is an Essential Step in Properly Securing your Technology

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to protecting your business. Disaster can strike at any time at the hands of hackers, human error, natural disasters, technology malfunctions, viruses, theft, vandalism or complete system failures, leaving behind catastrophic results that can devastate your company’s ability to function. Though we can’t control these circumstances, we can certainly prepare for them. It is vital to have a solid plan in place in the event that one or more of these occurrences should happen to your company.


Benefits of Our Disaster Recovery Planning:

  • Customized, Strategic BDR Planning
  • State-of-the-Art Recovery Solutions
  • Intelligent Prevention and Data Protection Strategies
  • Remote, 24/7 Monitoring and Managing
  • Hourly Backups opposed to daily
  • Disaster Verification & Testing
  • Stored in safe offsite location
  • Fully encrypted and HIPPA compliant
  • Archival Backups
  • Automatic Updates
  • Onsite and Cloud Virtualization
  • Real Time Replication
  • Complete Server and Workstation Recovery
  • Proactive and Reactive Support
  • Experienced Responsive Team

At DTCI we truly get to know the ins-and-outs of how your business functions so that we can devise a plan that meets your current and growing needs. Based on the size and type of company, DTCI will customize a plan that empowers you to no longer be victim to the whims of your technology, but rather take charge, take action, and arm your company with the protection you need to maintain a successful business.